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Attention: Service Businesses Who Want To Sell Like Crazy....
The Amazing Secret To Consistently Closing $2,000-$250,000 Sales Over The Phone Without Hype, Pressure Or Pushy Sales Tactics
From: The Desk of Sabri Suby
South Yarra, Melbourne.
Crisp and sunny.
Dear Service Business Owner,

If the above promise excites you even just a little bit – I urge you to turn off your phone, make yourself a cup of tea, and lock the door because you’re about to read the most exciting opportunity you’ve heard all year.

Let me guess: You’ve been spinning your wheels, playing the sales ‘cat and mouse’ game….

Speaking with prospects who at first sound interested, but then ‘go cold’ and you can’t even get them back on the phone...let alone ‘pull-the-trigger’ and actually buy!

Or maybe some months you CRUSH it, scorching the earth like a sales warlord and it feels like everyone you speak to is a red hot deal and you’re swimming in sales.

But then the next month you feel like you’re crawling across the Sahara, dehydrated and desperately searching for precious water, an oasis, but there’s not a deal in sight... 

Or perhaps, you’ve just hit a ‘sales wall’ and have plateaued….and are looking to level-up and get that edge to breakthrough to the next level of true mastery....and the income that follows.
Well, if you would like to consistently close $2,000 - $250,000 sales over phone, without ever having to meet your prospects in person….or without using hype, pressure, or outdated sleazy sales tactics, then this will be the most interesting letter you’ll ever read.
Let me explain.

Hi, my name is Sabri Suby and five short years ago, I started my business from my bedroom with no more than $50 and an old computer my girlfriend had bought me. 

I hustled and cold called for my first few clients...

Today, my business is ranked as the #1 fastest growing digital agency in Australia...and the 28th fastest growing company in the country by The Australian Financial Review.
Placed next to Richard Branson and Tony Robbins
And since then I've been called the "King of Consulting" by Foundr magazine (placed next to Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington....

And have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald and hundreds of other notable publications.  

I've been called ‘The world's #1 Customer Acquisition Expert’.


Well to start…

I’ve personally sold over $20,000,000 of goods and services over the phone, and have generated me and my clients over….
$400 Million In Sales In 167 Different Niches
But it wasn’t always this way, you see….

I started my sales career when I was just 16 years old...

I was working out of an old shipping container that had been converted into an office. There were sixteen of us all crammed in and the sound of production inside there was almost deafening!

The job was calling on businesses to buy back their empty ink cartridges, and then selling them back refilled for more money. (Great idea, right!? The owner was making money hand-over-fist!) 

Anyhow, back to it…. 

I was making 600 COLD CALLS PER DAY! Getting abused, hung-up on and yelled at. People were screaming at me, “Fuck off little kid”.....“Go fucking die!” 

I was bruised up by the rejection and bloody from the barrage of insults…...and if that wasn’t bad enough, I was failing miserably.

I was the worst sales person at the company. The runt of the litter….until I learned….
The Secret To Selling Almost Anything, To Anyone....  
From Anywhere!
And since then I’ve sold everything you can imagine....

From telecommunications, satellite TV, mobile payment devices and even legal will writing over the phone.

I’ve worked at companies with sales floors jam-packed with 2,000 people, and other companies with smaller, more involved sales teams. 

From multi-billion-dollar corporations to start-ups and everything in between.

And you know what? 

After discovering this secret, I was ALWAYS the top salesperson at every company I worked at, for every month I worked there.

I broke long-standing sales records in my first few weeks at multiple companies...

People couldn’t believe it!

They thought it was impossible without me doing something ‘shady’ or illegal

The quality assurance and compliance teams would go through all my phone calls with a fine-tooth comb, trying to find if I was lying or misleading prospects...

Like forensic detectives piecing together what I did to make such an obscene amount of sales...

My managers began to ask....

“What does Sabri know, that the thousands of other sales people don’t?”

They put me under so much scrutiny that I even started to question myself...

So one day, I sat down and asked myself that very question...  

I looked over all my sales stats, call sheets and ran some numbers...

And I calculated I had made over....
1,000,000 Sales Calls!
And I’ll tell you what I did to close more sales than ANYONE at ANY company I’ve ever worked at...

And how I now train the sales teams at my company to do the same, in a moment…

But first, I need to tell you a scary story. 

It's about a sales professional barely earning $70,000 per year. 

Look, if you’re in sales and only earning $70k, you need to either find another career...or find a company who rewards top-producers.

And before you glaze over because you think you’re not in sales – I’ve got news for you…

If you’re in business in any way shape or form, you ARE in sales.

Sales is the lifeblood of your business and as the owner or manager, maximizing sales should be your number one priority.

Without them, your business will die.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get back to it…

This 70k/year salesperson thinks he just needs to ‘hustle harder’ and ‘grind more’....
However, it seems like no matter how much he ‘dials for dollars’, he still never hits his quota or targets….and his manager is always breathing down his neck…

You know the type of manager, one of those sleazy, ‘coffees-for-closers’ types, an old hack who’s been running sales teams since the 80s.

Our salesman is stressed out, and it’s starting to bubble-over into his personal life…

It all starts with him not being present at the dinner table….or as his eyes glaze over as his wife talks to him….because in the back of his mind – he just can’t stop thinking about what will happen if he doesn’t make any commissions this month.

Then he has an internal panic attack as he asks himself...“What happens if that one big deal I’m counting on to hit quota this month falls through?”

Will he still be able to take his family on the holiday to Bali he promised them? Or upgrade his wife’s old Mazda to the shiny new four-wheel drive he promised her?

He's working hard, grinding it out on the phone and hustling all day but getting nowhere. Surely it shouldn’t be this hard?

He’s what I call a sales Donkey…

The Donkey says…
  • “How are the other guys on my team consistently banking $150k per year?”
  • “It’s seems like by sheer ‘luck’ deals just fall in their lap and say ‘yes’ with minimum resistance…”
  • Or “the only reason they outsell me is because they get all the best leads...”
Yet I can tell you for certain this is not the case, and there is a reason why, a strategy at play, which makes this all possible.

I know, I’ve used it my entire career…

And I’ve seen others use it too.

It all comes down to these 3 distinct types of salespeople...
Sales Donkeys, Work Horses, and Unicorns, Oh My…
You see…As salespeople, we all start out in a metaphoric “pasture”. 

The pasture is full of Donkeys, Work Horses, and Unicorns.

Let’s start with the Unicorns.
Unicorns are majestic and muscular.

Unicorns have their ‘sixth sense of selling’ fully honed and dialed in.

They’ve been properly trained by a master salesman, and their preparation is met by an equally strong work ethic. They’re wildly successful and their lifestyle shows...

Donkeys, on the other hand, are worker bees.
There’s nothing wrong with being a Donkey...but there’s nothing special either. 

They simply go through the motions, make the calls, read their script and send out proposals. 

They clock in. Clock out. And get the job ‘done’ so to speak. But that’s about all you can ask of them.

Donkeys have no real ambition or drive to become great, true masters or to live up to their potential and provide an incredible life for their family. 

They live paycheck to paycheck and often times they're depressed, unmotivated and negative. 

And then, there are the Work Horses.
Work Horses are disciplined. They have big, badass goals. They’re passionate. They’re driven. They’re focused.

And by virtue of this relentless combination of attributes, they can become a Unicorn.

They may clock in and clock out now… yet make no mistake about it…

…soon some of them will make the decision to become great and true masters at their craft...they’ll go ‘ALL IN’.

But here’s the catch: the future of a Work Horse can go one of two ways.
They have a great work ethic but they’re stuck in a pattern and get comfortable with what they’re achieving, how much they’re earning and the level of work they need to put in.

They’re ‘coasting’…Their foot is on the accelerator, but far from all the way down. 

Or they’re continually comparing themselves with other people (friends, family, co-workers etc). 

They tell themselves things like: “I don’t need to work harder, I’m doing great, I already make more than my brother-in-law and he’s a doctor”...

They never commit to becoming a master, or cultivate the fire in their belly, the hunger for wanting more….the desire for greatness.

They commit to getting the outcome they want and go ‘all in’. They get the help of an expert, master or mentor and listen to the feedback and advice...they follow it to a tee...adjust their strategy and pitch…...and they make shit happen!

Before long this workhorse becomes a sales unicorn and with that comes a magical lifestyle, freedom, and income only unicorns enjoy.

So tell me, who are you? 

Be brutally honest with yourself even if it hurts to admit the truth…

It’s incredibly important you learn to do this, because you’ll never achieve true mastery and unlock a whole new level of earning capacity, if you can’t first be honest with yourself…..about where you’re at right now and who you want to become. 

If You're Reading This, 
It Means You're Either…
A sales professional that’s frustrated where you’re at, you’re far from a ‘natural’ at sales. And everything you’ve learned about persuasion to date doesn’t sit right with you, as you don’t want to be pushy or aggressive….and you don’t have an extroverted personality. But at the same time you want a step-by-step process you can follow to confidently and effortlessly close deals.
A Business owner or sales manager that gets a good amount of leads coming into your business. However, you’re always struggling with ‘lead quality’ and your sales team simply don’t know how to close leads generated online, (which require a completely different approach to leads that come in word-of-mouth and referrals). You’re fed up with being outsold by competitors with inferior products and services and you want to know how to crush them into a fine powder.
A sales unicorn and a student of the game, who is constantly upskilling and thirsty for the latest strategies to stay on the bleeding edge. You’re relentlessly focused and you don’t just want to reach your goals. You want to smash through them. You want to destroy your competition by reaching the absolute pinnacle of your craft. You have grit, perseverance and take relentless action towards your goals and will do whatever is necessary to get the life you want.
Now It doesn’t matter which one you are, because all of you understand you can’t achieve all your goals with ‘hustle’ alone. 

There just aren't enough hours in the day. You'd burn out first. My guess? You're starting to feel the strain already. 

You’re spinning your wheels, telling yourself, surely it shouldn’t be this hard? In the back of your mind you feel like something’s missing…and you’re right…Because there is…
The Missing Piece To The 'Sales Puzzle' That 96% Of Businesses Never Figure out
Let me guess, you probably receive at least one email or phone call EVERY DAY, from someone saying they can get your business on page one of Google...

Flood your business with leads from Facebook Ads….Or 10X the conversion rate of your website.

And that’s because you would have to be blind not to have noticed that the market is now FLOODED!.....With marketing agencies and ‘gurus’ promising to help you generate more leads with digital marketing (Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
And look, the good ones can indeed generate you LEADS…And the bad ones, well let’s just say...I know you’ve been burnt by them already, so I need not go into the details of how they’ll simply suck money out of your bank account like water out of the bathtub and leave you with nothing but excuses….

Yet even with these leads, there’s one problem I constantly see businesses are PLAGUED by!

They’re used to dealing with leads that come from word-of-mouth and referrals (i.e. warm leads)...And aren’t used to handling leads from advertising (which are colder)...

So even with all these leads…. you can’t turn those leads into what you really want - which is MORE CUSTOMERS and SALES!

And if you really want to grow your business or sales commissions, this is something you MUST understand how to do, because there are only so many referrals you can get...It’s not a dependable way to grow your business…

It might be ok if you’re happy ‘owning a job’ and not ‘owning a business’. However, if you’re serious about building a cash generating machine that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms...

You must have a proven system for turning leads generated from advertising – i.e. complete strangers – into high-paying clients...And If you don’t, your days are numbered...

You see the statistics are grim! 96% of ALL businesses fail. And the main reason they fail, is from a lack of capital….they don’t know how to ring the cash register enough to keep their doors open.

Or in other words they don’t know how to SELL enough of their goods and services!

And that’s because they rely too heavily on referrals and ‘word-of-mouth’ to grow their business and take whatever fate happens to fall in their lap.

I call this ‘hope and prayer’ marketing.

And that’s why these businesses end up failing...they never truly learn how to generate new customers at will.

You see....
Turning Complete Strangers Into High-Paying Clients 
Like Clockwork…
Isn’t something I’ve just learned how to do, it’s something I’ve MASTERED from making over 1,000,000 sales calls and generating $400 million in sales...

Going back to when I first started in sales, where I was the worst salesperson at the company…

My boss had given me one more chance to turns things around before he said he would have to let me go…

So I said screw it!....I threw out everything I had been told about sales....everything I was doing and still failing miserably…And deep down inside I knew wasn’t me…

I couldn't ever see myself relying on all the over-the-top tactics I was taught.

I felt like a slimy greaseball trying to cheat people, being uncomfortably over-the-top friendly as I ‘smiled and dialed for dollars’, desperately trying to make a sale.

But once I put all that stuff to bed….and put myself in the shoes of my prospects, I had a lightbulb moment. The businesses I was calling on couldn’t give two shits about me, where I was calling from or how great we said we were. 

All they cared about was THEMSELVES! And what I could do FOR THEM!...

The last thing they wanted to hear about was my service or the bells and whistles it came with.

So I threw the script I was given in the bin...and asked myself…

If I was this company I was calling on, what would I want to hear?

And the number one thing was…

How does taking this call get me one-step closer to where I’m trying to go and what I’m trying to achieve!

I started calling on businesses with a blinding focus on helping THEM. Sometimes I’d even forget to mention the name of the company I was calling from….

I’d simply call up and get straight to the problem THEY were experiencing which I wanted to SOLVE FOR THEM! And introduce myself afterwards.

When I called I’d say something like…
“Hey Sandy, you know those empty ink cartridges you have sitting next to the copier? Yeah, those big plastic ones you usually throw in the bin….I want to PAY YOU FOR THEM, and I’ll even organise to send a courier over to pick them up free of charge!….Yes, I’m being for real…This isn’t some sort of stupid joke…..You’ll be able to walk into your boss' office with a big smile on your face and hand him a couple of $50 notes and tell him you’ve MADE him some money….Now Sandy, all I need you to do is walk over there and let me know the model of the printer and I’ll handle the rest...And no I don’t mind holding...”
And Boom! Just Like That.....
"Overnight, My Sales Quadrupled… And I Literally Became The Top SalesPerson At The Company Instantly!"
My salary skyrocketed to $1,800 per week at just sixteen years of age!

My pitch would draw a crowd around my desk...Everyone wanted to know what I was saying to prospects to create such a buying frenzy...

The whole company was talking about me....But this was just the tip of the iceberg....

I figured out if I simply changed my approach and what I said, I could see an exponential difference in the amount of sales I could make....and the amount of money I could earn.

I started reading books on human-psychology, sales and persuasion...
I even studied the greatest speakers of all time... Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa....And believe it or not even Hitler! I went deep, like REALLY DEEP!

But THE biggest breakthrough I had about selling came from the most unsuspecting place of all... DOCTORS! That’s right...
It Was Only After I Learned To "Sell Like A Doctor" Did My Sales Truly Explode Beyond All Belief!
Yes, you read right...I have literally seen this one strategic shift alone DOUBLE the sales of many companies...And it often takes mediocre sales teams, which can only handle the hottest referrals and word-of-mouth leads (that could even be closed by my receptionist)...

And transforms them into sales superstars, who are able to convert the coldest and most skeptical of prospects, into high-paying clients....all over the phone and without meeting anyone in person!

Watch this short 6 minute video to see what I mean by ‘sell like a doctor’. Just hit play below to check it out.
Here's How To Get A Strangle Hold Of Your Entire Market And Double Your Sales In THe Next 
5 Weeks…
You see....Over the past 17 years, I’ve honed my sales skills, selling pretty much everything you can almost every niche!

And I’ve formulated these insights into a universal sales formula (and word-for-word script)...that can be applied to any business selling a service, regardless of the price point or industry.

It’s a complete course and blueprint to closing leads into high-paying customers using the phone (However, you’ll also learn how to adapt it if the sales process is a combination of phone and face-to-face meetings).
My Word-For-Word 8 Figure ‘Samurai Sword’ Sales Script
I’ll even be handing you my highly coveted 8-Figure ‘Samurai Sword’ Sales Script for you to plug right into you business to explode sales!

In addition to this, you’ll discover a proven step-by-step sales process to close up to 80% of prospects over the phone. 

And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling something for $2,000, or all the way up to $250,000+ per year services....It just works!

Take what you learn and convert JUST ONE extra deal and you’ll more than make your investment back. Use all of them and I’m confident you’ll double your sales. Because the fact is, these strategies work. And they work FAST!
Your Sales Approach Must Evolve Or You'll Be Eaten Alive By The Fierce Sea Of Competition Arriving At Your Doorstep…
The way we buy goods and services is changing rapidly...

Companies like Uber, AirBnB and Amazon are transforming the way people buy things... They’re changing customer expectations... And this isn’t just in the way we buy goods online, book travel accommodation or commute.

The digital disruption we’re seeing goes way beyond that. And no market is sheltered from it....

Now you can bury your head in the sand, try to ignore it and keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. But the tides are changing. And the earth is shifting.

And if you try to fight it your business will soon be extinct. Your market share and profits chomped away like a swarm of locusts, unless you adapt and evolve.
People want speed and efficiency.

And the reality is more and more business is now being done online thanks to the internet (yes, even if you sell a service!).

People are online, with multiple tabs open in their web browsers, doing research on exactly what you sell.

They’re reading reviews, comparing companies, looking at detailed criteria and arming themselves to the teeth with information.

What does this mean for you? 

Well, the majority of this business is being done online and OVER THE PHONE!

And this means you’ll never be in the room with a prospect when the real purchasing decisions get made.

That’s why, you must master the ability to effectively communicate and persuade your prospects without ever meeting them in person. 

Arming them with the information and tools to champion your company and sell for you internally when you are not there.

The master sales professional in the 21st century persuasively educates rather than hard-sells. 

They ask questions and listen more than ‘pitch’. And they recognize by representing a specific company with a specific set of products and services, they are already suspected of having a self-serving and highly biased point of view!

Because in today’s day and age skepticism is RAMPANT!

And anything you say is suspect...just like paid results in a Google search are suspect. You must work hard to gain trust and offset the natural skepticism.

And I’ve literally done all the work for you.

I’ve spent seventeen long years in the trenches, on the front lines ‘doing the work’. 

Collecting battle scars to find out every secret sales technique in existence.

If there was a rumour of a technique, even on the other side of the world, I hunted it down. If there was some hot shot claiming to be a master salesman in some god-forsaken corner of the earth, I found them.

If there was so much as a whisper of a selling secret ANYWHERE, I tested it.  

That’s what I’m handing you inside this course – the strategies, tactics, tools and scripts to sell in the new digital economy.

In my years as a sales professional, I’ve studied almost every single book, course, method and video I could find.

But I was never satisfied with what I found, because the truth is...
99% Of What You Hear Is Outdated Pushy Sales Tactics Which Only Work On Unsophisticated Prospects…
Or wouldn’t work in today’s fast-changing digital economy...

Yet it wasn’t until I was on the front lines, testing and developing techniques, that I figured out...

How to TRULY sell almost anything, to anyone, without ever travelling to meet them in person...and then to have them actually THANK ME for the experience!

(And yes, this is MUCH more powerful than anything you read in my books or online)

I’ve been reluctant to release this information, because I know that in the wrong hands this training could be dangerous.

But after having dozens of my clients beg me for the sales techniques that I use in my own business, which are responsible for taking me from a one-man-army to 65-strong battalion and over $12 million in annual revenue...

I finally caved in...

And once I did, it was SCARY....

I became a madman! I sat down and listened to hundreds of my sales calls...taking down pages and pages of notes...

Including all the reasons behind why this sales process is so brutally effective.

I went through my strategies with a fine-toothed comb, and started to develop a ‘universal sales process’ and word-for-word script...which could be easily learned, followed and implemented in ANY business.

I wanted my clients to experience what I did...and gain the skills to persuasively sell themselves and their company to anyone!

You see, I’ve learned everything I know from hardcore, no bullshit, in-the-trenches experience, and that's why I’m paying it forward to entrepreneurs like you....

So you can reach success faster and enjoy even higher profits.
Here's A Taste Of What You'll Get Inside Persuasion Mastery… 
A Total Value Of $20,000+
35 Video Lessons
Shot in HD video, where Sabri lays out everything you need to know (and say) to be a master of persuasion and close an obscene amount of deals.
Sales Scripts
Get word-for-word sales scripts and follow-up processes to deploy in your business right away to create a stampede of new clients.
Persuasion Mastery Facebook Group
Network, share your work, see examples, get feedback, support, and keep up to date on the latest sales strategies to win more business.
Module 1: Master Mindset
Value $2,500
  •  How to apply the secrets of superstar-athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe And LeBron... to gain wildly outrageous success in sales (This information will set fire to your soul and make you burn so bright, so ablaze, you won’t be able to sleep at night from the sudden surge of motivation!)
  • The easiest way to ‘sell yourself’ and get ‘fully sold’ on the product or service you’re selling, this creates an electrifying and unwavering belief in what you’re selling and often causes prospects to stand in line and beg you to take their money!
  • The ‘King's Audit’... a dead-simple approach to time management and focus. This freakishly simple 4-step system ensures you earn no less than $1000 per hour (In many cases even much more!)
  • How to master the #1 most powerful and important skill in life…(this is bar-none THE most powerful skill you can acquire and you can’t learn it at any school or university)
  • How to develop a calm and unshakeable sense of confidence that causes your prospects to be pulled towards your magnetic conviction, winning their trust with ease (Yes, you can develop this mindset even if you’re a quiet, keep-to-yourself introvert, a sales 'newbie' or aren't a 'natural' at sales.)
Module 2: Persuasion Secrets
Value $2,500
  •  How to sell anybody, almost anything, from anywhere… without ever meeting your prospects in person…(This could be the single most potent tactic I’ve ever discovered)...
  • How to become your prospect's ‘trusted advisor’ instead of an unwelcome pest to rush and get rid of, use this to swiftly 'disarm' your prospect's initial skepticism and defense - so they’ll buy with little to NO RESISTANCE (Even if it’s your very first call with them!)
  •  Find out the #1 very best time of day to make sales calls and how to structure your day around these ‘golden time slots’ (This creates a staggering rush of productivity and a stampede of new clients!)
  • The subtle tonality secrets to having even the most skeptical of prospects eating out of the palm of your hand and almost BEGGING TO BUY! (As crazy as this’s so insanely powerful I was questioning whether or not to include it in this course!)
  •   How to use ‘Meta Verbal Communication’ to become a master of persuasion — using this makes you one of the most persuasive people on the planet, no matter what industry you’re in. You’ll learn EXACTLY how to use these principles to ‘glide’ through sales and close up to 80% of leads!
  • What Obama, Mother Teresa and even Hitler can teach you about how to outsell your competition 10-to-1. (Not even the most famous and renowned sales trainers in the world understand the power of how to apply this to ANY business to create an avalanche of sales!)
  •  Why you don’t need to be an extrovert or have an ‘aggressive’ personality to be a WORLD CLASS salesperson (and how you can use introverted traits to be a ‘silent assassin’ of sales and win more business than “sales naturals”)
Module 3: 8 Figure Samurai Sword Sales Script
Value $10,000
  •  The WORD-FOR-WORD sales scripts my company uses to close over $1 Million in NEW business each MONTH, all over the phone (This isn’t the usual pushy sales tactics that almost cause you to vomit in your mouth when you read it!)
  • Discover the foolproof process (and word-for-word scripts) of how to structure your sales calls like a slippery slope, so your prospect almost effortlessly slides into buying at the end of the call (instead of saying, 'I need to speak with my partner’' or 'can you send me some information')
  • A detailed walkthrough of every nuance of my battle-tested 8 Figure Samurai Sword Sales Script. I’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to modify and apply it to your own business! (You’ll also get this battle-hardened script both as a Word and PDF document)
  • How to provide an incredibly VALUABLE and ENJOYABLE experience to your prospects on each and every call... and STILL consistently close $2,000 - $250,000 deals…(Forget the dated high-pressure sales tactics that feel forced and unnatural)
  • The three-step process for ‘stacking the value’ so high that your prospect screams 'This is MORE than worth it.’ Or asks ‘what’s the catch’ and ‘How do we get started?!' instead of, 'it's too expensive' and ‘can you give me a better price’...
Module 4: Ninja Objection Handling
Value $2,500
  •  How to isolate, overcome and smash ANY objection into a thousand pieces...No more “I need to think about” or “Can you send me more information”...Instead you’ll have your prospects eagerly asking “what are the next steps?” and “how do we get this going?” as they eagerly ASK TO BUY!
  • Find out THE NUMBER ONE most deadly objection of all (this is likely the last objection you think it is...Hint: it’s not price) and how to isolate and SMASH IT to create a windfall of new sales.
  • Learn EXACTLY how to side step and overcome the dreaded ‘I need to talk to my partner first’ objection…I’ll reveal how this is a ‘stall’ and not a real objection at all and how you can swiftly move past this and close OVER this stall (this one tactic alone will win you an insane amount of extra business)
  • How to unearth your prospect’s ‘Silent Objection’ so you finally find out their REAL concerns and pain points! (Without knowing this it’s literally impossible to close the sale. However 9 out of 10 Prospects will NEVER tell you what's REALLY going on in their mind...This ninja tactic shows you how)
  • A forgotten closing secret known only to a small handful of the most successful (and wealthy) sales people in the world,  this can boost your closing rate up to 90% even when you’re up against FIERCE competition!
Module 5: Multimodality Follow Up
Value $2,500
  •  How to use my ‘secret weapon’ of multimodality follow up to increase your closing percentage by 600% (Adopting this one strategy ALONE will have your competition down on their knees pleading for you win the lionshare of business when you pitch against them)
  • Why being pushy, using pressure or other over-the-top tactics are the WRONG way to sell in today's digital age... And how to close twice as many sales WITHOUT those outdated, sleazy tactics…
  • What to do when a red hot prospect disappears or goes silent...when at first they sounded super-keen but then stopped answering your calls…(I’ll give you my exact script of a secret technique that I developed called “Pipe Bombs”. This ninja tactic will catch the most elusive prospects and bring deals back from the dead!
  • Get my EXACT step-by-step and day-by-day follow up blueprint...Never again wonder when to follow up or what to say….or worry about coming on too strong and sounding desperate! Simply use my foolproof follow up blueprint!
  • The Follow Up Rule Book revealed!...Yes there are rules to the follow up, break them and no matter how great your product or service, or how low the price...You will NEVER close the deal (Almost nobody... not even the ‘sales gurus’... understand these!)
  • The SINGLE easiest and most simple way for almost any business to double or even triple the amount of sales they make immediately - an obvious strategy that nevertheless eludes 9 out of every 10 business owners! (This one revelation could cover your investment 10 times over!)
Value $2,500
Join an elite group of like-minded and dedicated entrepreneurs, sales professionals, growth-focused marketers and small business owners. Network, share your work, see examples, get feedback, support, and keep up to date on the latest sales strategies to win more business.
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Value $397
7 Exclusive King Kong Reports To Flood 
Your Business With Piping Hot Traffic and Leads
We‘ll cover EVERYTHING from Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads and conversion rate optimisation. You can then use the sales script and techniques in this course to close these leads into high-paying clients.
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Total Value: $20,996.00
Now that you’ve seen an overview of what’s in Persuasion Mastery, let me dive deeper into what I think is the most important part...

The section which alone could recoup your investment countless times...

And help you systematically land DOZENS of 5-6-figure sales every year for the rest of your working life...
My Closely Guarded 8-Figure ‘Samurai Sword Sales Script’ And Battle-Tested Sales Process
Listen: Outside the four walls of my Melbourne Headquarters, my 8-Figure ‘Samurai Sword Sales Script’ has never seen the light of day...Until now.

I have perfected this from almost two decades of being in the trenches selling over the phone and making over 1 million sales calls in a wide variety of markets.
Like the making of a Samurai sword, where they are made by repeatedly heating, hammering and ‘folding back the metal’. In order to make the strongest and sharpest of blades.

I too have gone through the laborious process of hammering out any imperfections, iterating over the forge the strongest and sharpest sales script possible.

I’ve personally used it to generate tens-of-millions of dollars in my own business. 

I’ve used it to take completely green and wet-behind-the-ears sales rookies, and turn them into calm and confident closers who routinely sell $100,000+ deals over the phone. Without hype, pressure or pushy sales tactics.

And now...
You Can Take The Battle-Tested  
Selling Process I Use To Bring In Over $1,000,000 Every Month And Plug It Directly Into YOUR Business
Just like I’ve used this process to help sales rookies go from fresh beginner to closing $100,000+ deals – you can do the same.

You can go through this training yourself, become a sales unicorn and explode your business beyond your wildest dreams...

Or if you’re no longer on the frontlines and already have a sales team you can use Persuasion Mastery as your in-house training and take your business to the next level.

You’ll have an army of sales-superstars ringing the cash-register for you day-in, day-out while you focus on the strategic planning and day-to-day management.

This advanced training isn’t like 99% of sales material on the market, that are more self-help and ‘hoo-hoo-ra-ra’ than they are about battle- tested sales tactics that actually move the money needle.

You see, you won’t find any fluff or filler modules professing that you just need to 'be motivated!' or 'think like a winner!' to bring in droves of highly -profitable clients like clockwork.

Instead, you’ll be getting my advanced master mindset training, scripts, follow-up processes and word-for-word sales scripts to deploy in your business right away to create a stampede of new clients. 

This course is NOT about 'hard-closing' strategies to manipulate your prospects into buying using brute force and pressure.

Because, while you may be able to pressure some people into buying, most customers will hate this experience of being manipulated....and word will spread.

This training is about forging a new you – a master communicator who authentically has the customer’s best interest at heart and not just their own.

And as a result, this genuine care and concern for your clients will have you close more deals and bank more cash than you ever thought was humanly possible...

Finally taking the passion you have for what you do and marrying it with your newfound sales you watch your wealth take a quantum leap!
But First You Must Qualify… 
If you qualify to receive this training and agree not to share it outside your company, as I’ll explain below, I guarantee you an effortless learning experience AND an increase in sales....

You’ll look back on as a turning point in your business and in your life.

When you finally have the ability to communicate with piercing persuasion you’ll see a new universe of opportunity with your new unwavering confidence...

And you’ll know in your heart your financial future is not only secure, but abundant, thanks to the life-changing knowledge you have just acquired.

So, do you qualify? Well firstly to qualify you must swear to never share this training with anyone outside your company. You must not reprint, re-sell or distribute any part of the materials contained in this course. 

Each purchase of this course is permitted for only one company.

You also must not use these techniques for evil. While that might sound strange, I’m being deadly serious.

These strategies are so brutally effective, that in the wrongs hands this material is dangerous.

That’s all I ask.

So if you qualify and agree to these terms, settle back for a minute, take a few deep belly breaths...and seize this extremely limited opportunity I present below.
For The Next 5 Days, I’m Inviting You To join persuasion mastery at over 85% Off the regular price
Persuasion Mastery includes deep positioning strategies, barrier-busting mindset frameworks, battle-hardened sales systems...

And actual word-for-word sales and objection handling scripts I have personally used to sell $20,000,000 over the phone.

And look, I know you’re busy - that’s why I’ve stripped out all of the fluff. This course is not about offering 501 hours of video you'll never watch.

It's about giving you the street-tested strategies that will help you close more high-value deals for the rest of your business career.

I reveal every secret I’ve ever learned about how to close more deals, in less time...for more money!

There is no B.S. and no beginner material or fluff in this training — just straight hard-hitting sales guidance, from me to you.

You get instant access to everything — no slow lesson drip here.

Join now and get instant access to all modules, all bonus materials, and all the sales scripts — everything on day one.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the course (which is 100% online, shot in crystal-clear HD in a high-end studio...Making it a pleasure to watch and easy to access).

I’m ready to take you under my wing and teach you everything I know about selling in today's new economy.

Here’s how it works.

Persuasion Mastery contains an absolute arsenal of highly sensitive — and massively profitable — advanced selling tactics...

Everything I’ve tried, tested, tweaked and perfected to get to the point I’m at now, bringing in a million dollars every month...

Consider hands you the very same word-for-word scripts, objection handling tactics, tools and processes I use myself, in my own business and shows you how to master them.

So, let me ask you...

To go from where you are now, to potentially closing deals worth tens of thousands of dollars — or HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars — every month... In just 5 weeks...

How much is that worth to you if it helps you get just two extra clients each month?


 Probably more, right? 

Now think about the compounding effect over a year.... Surely at a would be worth $100,000 to you...Maybe even $1,000,000. 

Obviously, the power and potential Persuasion Mastery contains is easily worth $20,000+ with that said....
Here’s What You’ll Invest 
To Access This Cutting-Edge 5-Week Sales Exploding Course
Persuasion Mastery normally costs $1,997.

This gives you complete access to my 5-module, step-by-step guide to consistently closing $2,000 - $250,000 sales over the phone without hype, pressure, or dated pushy sales tactics. (and have your clients thank you for it!)

I'll even hand you my word-for-word sales scripts....In other words, rather than investing tens of thousands of dollars...

And literally YEARS of your own time trying to figure this stuff out on your own (in a cutthroat world where the successful tend to guard their own strategies)...

You can, for the price of what you spend on a new printer, office stationary or or the cost of some software subscriptions...

Effectively fast-track your journey consistently outselling the competition and winning more deals in just FIVE WEEKS.

Each stage of this course contains ideas, instructions and insights that could directly lead to you making tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars more starting just a couple of months from now.

So while I truly believe $497 is an absolute steal of a deal given the unprecedented value Persuasion Mastery offers you...
Until Midnight On saturday The 5th of October You Won’t Even Pay Half That!
Because here’s the deal...You can get complete access to Persuasion Mastery today for just $497.

Get Started Today
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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us. 
We‘re here to help: 1300 858 250 /
This includes all 35-videos where I lay out everything you need to know (and say) to be a master of persuasion and close obscene amounts of deals.

You get access to the private online content portal that hosts this powerhouse online course.

You get to download — and keep — my scripts and templates, and use them in your own business (no matter what your niche) right away.

Most importantly, this course gives you a proven process and the word-for-word scripts to consistently turning complete strangers into high-paying clients like clockwork.

The momentum this course will give you on your own journey is so enormous it’s almost scary.

And look — if you aren’t rushing for your credit card right now, to take this shortcut I’m handing to you.

I’ll make it very simple for you.... 

These are....
Your Only Two Options From Here…
Option 1) You're on the fence, and you do nothing. Here's what will happen if you say "no" or "maybe later" to this offer.

First, you'll hit the back button and return to whatever website you were on before.

Then some mildly entertaining but ultimately useless article, update or email catches your eye and POOF... our little time here together will be forgotten.

Then, weeks or months from now, instead of making the money you’ve dreamed of making, you'll still be spinning your wheels, frustrated from wasting your time speaking with tyre-kickers and price shoppers....and losing countless deals fumbling your way through sales calls.

That would be tragic.

Especially since you were just ONE CLICK away from getting the keys to the kingdom.

Don't let this happen to you.


Option 2) You take action and invest in Persuasion Mastery. You follow the word-for-word sales scripts, advanced objection handling and follow up process....

And just a few months from now your sales explode! 

You DOUBLE the amount of deals you and your sales team are closing, without spending any extra money on generating more leads!

The potential upside is millions of dollars over the life of your business career.

You can even use this course to train your sales team and new hires. Think about the time this will buy back for you.

There is absolutely no downside.

You can even review the entire program and then decide if Persuasion Mastery is right for you and your business because you’ll be covered by my...
Totally Outrageous 
‘You Can’t Possibly Lose’ Guarantee!
Test Drive Persuasion Mastery For
a Full 30 Days, 100% Risk Free!
I’ve packed a lot into Persuasion Mastery, and I want to make sure you experience all the content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 30 days to let it digest, integrate it into your business, and make sure it’s really working for you.

Try the entire course. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees.

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If for some strange reason Persuasion Mastery doesn't help you close more high-value clients within 30 days, simply let me know I’ll refund every cent you invested with me – hassle free, no questions asked.

This guarantee lasts 30 days, which is enough time to complete the course. This means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.

However, it doesn’t stop there.
My Insane 12-Month $100,000 
PROFIT Guarantee^!
Join Persuasion Mastery, implement the lessons and put my training into action...and in the extremely unlikely event you don’t make an EXTRA $100,000 in the next 12 months...I’ll personally write you a cheque for $10,000.

Show me another person who’s willing to stand behind their training like this.

I must be either crazy or confident – or both. This $100,000 PROFIT guarantee comes with a condition though...

You MUST implement the training – and be able to SHOW me where you did it. If you can't, no bueno.

Sound fair?

Persuasion Mastery shows you how to consistently convert complete strangers into high-paying clients like clockwork. And it's 100% risk-free.

But let me be crystal clear....
Persuasion Mastery Reverts To Its Full $1,997 Price Once This Initial Five Day Window Closes
The doors are now OPEN.

But once the clock strikes twelve – doors will close and you’ll need to wait until until we re-open it (if we ever do) where you’ll pay full price.

But right now you have the opportunity to get in first, test it out, let us know what you think — and keep everything I’m offering you — for an insanely low $497.
One of my clients and successful students, Raphael Bender said this when I asked him about how to price Persuasion Mastery....
“We're delivering training in every mainland state of Australia....Working with you has enabled me to generate $3 million revenue in two years. And that’s still growing.

If you could condense what I’ve learned in these past two years into a five week course...

I mean, how much would it be worth to generate an extra $3 million revenue in the business? If the course is LESS than $3 million, it's good value.

My advice?....Start NOW!”
Raphael Bender
And another one of my students, Gavin Symes from The Foundry Group had this to say about working with me...
Or what about the results Gavin from Break Free From Corporate has received from this course...
Are you beginning to see how profitable this could be for you? 

Imagine this for a moment...

Instead of cold calling for prospects, trying to smooth talk them and using outdated, high-pressure tactics which make you feel like a slime-ball and hardly EVER work...selling becomes almost frictionless.

You get on the phone with your prospect who’s happy to hear from you, calmly use my samurai-sword sales script to find out exactly how you can help them and effortlessly close the deal which is worth a cool $20,000+...

And the best part is you can do it over and over again!

If you know you want to try’re ready to kick your business into HIGH GEAR...and you want the 75% discount PLUS the protection of our insane DOUBLE guarantee...Then go here right now to....
Claim Your Spot In this limited intake For Persuasion Mastery
Placed next to Richard Branson and Tony Robbins
Get Started Today
One-Time Payment
If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us. 
We‘re here to help: 1300 858 250 /
If you want to KNOW — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that you have a proven process in place for converting leads into high-paying clients like clockwork...

And you want to reward yourself with the income you deserve and the lifestyle you desire...

Then Persuasion Mastery is the catalyst you’ve been waiting for making your vision a reality.

I’m so excited for you to get started. 

Sabri Suby
PS. This is EVERYTHING I’ve learned about systematically closing deals worth $2,000-$250,000 over the phone. 

I’ve laid it all out in an easy step-by-step format which you can follow to create a fortune (or get your sales team to do it for you!)

PPS. Don’t forget – you’re always covered by my insane DOUBLE guarantee. In the unlikely event you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply let me know in the first 30 days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you’ve invested – hassle free, no questions asked.

PLUS, if you implement the system and don’t make an EXTRA $100,000 in the next 12 months* – I’ll personally write you a cheque for $10,000. 

You can’t lose! Make the smartest decision of your life and Join Persuasion Mastery now!   
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